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I grew up in two small towns in Colorado and New Mexico, miles away from Wolf Creek Ski Area. At age 10, the local school districts took students to the mountain to learn three different types of skiing, Alpine, Nordic, Big Mountain. I fell in love with Alpine and the fresh powder of big mountain. When I left for college I decided to put my dream of racing to the side and extend my horizons to new adventures and activities. Living in Colorado, there was no better way to explore the great outdoors. The years were filled with recreational skiing, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, sky diving, sailing, parasailing, snowmobiling, zip lining, and anything that got me outdoors to explore this amazing world. Finally realizing where my heart was, I decided to train for ski racing competitions. However, it didn’t end there! I had to maintain training and look for a job to support my crazy dream. A month after graduation, I finally found my dream job! I was able to work and ski. The adventure is never ending and my passion for skiing only grows. Winning competitions is only a quarter of passion I have for ski racing. Once you strap in, look down the slope, your mind becomes a blur. The sound of the beeps go and you’re off! Leaving everything behind you! The feeling is something most people will never experience in a life time.